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My Food School

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My Food School is the ultimate online nutrition and food program that offers solutions how to eat clean, get healthy and overcome picky eating.


We created this learn-as-you -go-program so you can begin to remove harmful toxins in your food choices. When you remove harmful foods from your body, your body will be able to breakthrough barriers in areas of health and well-being. Even your nervous system can self-regulate better when fed clean nutritious foods (and by clean we mean, harmful toxin-free).

Why is this so important?

The truth is many of the foods we feed our family today are loaded with neurotoxins, toxins that attack our nervous system creating cellular disaster. They are also jammed packed with harmful chemicals that create diseases and chaos for the body.

It is time we create healthy brains, cells and organs by feeding our bodies good food. It really is not hard to learn; you just need someone to teach you.

My Food School consists of 7 Food & Nutrition Video Lessons with correlating Take Action worksheets to go with each lesson. Each lesson teaches you the core principles in what to eat, why to eat and how to create a health clean weekly menu as the worksheets have you put these core principles to work in your life.

What You Will Learn In My Food School:

  • What carbohydrates, fats and proteins are healthy to eat and which ones to avoid.
  • Why buying organic and non-GMO is important and how to do so correctly.
  • How to read food labels and ingredients so you can choose the healthiest foods possible.
  • How to recognize the most harmful chemicals in your foods today and eat clean.
  • Learn how to create a healthy daily and weekly toxic-free menu.
  • Understand the connection between food and health issues, especially gut and brain issues such as memory, attention and poor behaviors.

You also will have access to BONUS videos and guides that stop the endless search for healthy breakfast and snack ideas or how to get your picky eater to eat. You even have access to my very successful in-office natural weight loss program!

Your My Food School Bonuses:

  • Picky Eater Survival Guide
  • What’s for Breakfast Video Lesson
  • Natural Weight Loss Guide
  • Super Snacking Video Lesson
  • Amazing Resource Guide

My Food School is also crazy loaded with menu and exercise planning templates, behavior charts, daily caloric intake charts, shopping lists and even a complete workbook with Take Action homework sheets that correlate to each video lesson.

You no longer have to feel confused on what to buy, cook or eat or even how to eat healthy. We fully understand your struggles trying to find healthy recipes that the entire family likes. That is why we loaded My Food School with over 50 HEALTHY non-toxic and well balanced FAMILY RECIPES!

And… you have lifetime access to all the updates and NEW recipes that we add, inducing videos, guides and more!

We have taken our nutrition practice and put it ALL into one online master place that you can learn  what to eat, why you should eat it and how to create clean toxic-free meals.


You feel healthier than ever and your family is eating toxic-free food.

What do you have to lose? (Well, acutally a lot if you ignore this)

Click on over to My Food School and see if it right for you!
Yours in Eating Clean Love, 

 Drs. Carl and Lisa Sulsenti